Day 2 –Sommières and Surroundings to the Junas Quarry

There is a longer hike on the itinerary today. We make our way to the castle of Sommuères via Villevieille, enjoying brilliant sunshine and temperatures perfect for hiking.

From the castle we have a beautiful view of the town centre and the surroundings to the west. We continue on wide paths through mainly agricultural land, vineyards and fields of grass alternating. Not quite my cup of tea. Occasionally we see farm houses, some in a bit of disrepair. When we continue after a short break on a bridge too grandiose for the small stream it crosses, the scenery changes again. Despite many turnoffs, Harald knows exactly where he is going, which allows us to fully focus on our hike.

Steinbruch von Junas
The Junas quarry with its “teeth”…
Steinbruch von Junas
… and fierce-looking fish

Walking along narrow paths and sometimes rough paths with (natural) slabs of limestone, we eventually reach our destination for the day, the disused Junas quarry. It is as if this place were made for a long/lengthy break. I am unsure as to why single “teeth” were left standing when the quarry was active, however, they make up for a rather picturesque setting. The stage that has been put up there is probably great for extraordinary concerts, performances, etc. Our way back was similar to yesterday’s although we return to the Mas directly to enjoy our dinner.

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